The affiliate program of the BluEgg code: profitable and innovative advertising "turnkey business"


Your own advertising network of thousands of advertising sites for the dissemination of coupons and promotions in your town!

As a " BluEgg code " project partner you’ll become the owner of the unique and unparalleled advertising network that will distribute advertising (coupons, discounts, promotions) to mobile phones inhabitants of your city. The " BluEgg code " technical platform will allow you to bring the usual advertising services to a whole new level, and use the most front-rank technologies in advertising and mobile marketing.

Our technologies

QR marketing
NFC marketing
SMS marketing
Bluetooth marketing

One BluEgg code


Contains the most advantageous offers in your city: discounts, promotions, sales, new items, coupons. Just scan the BluEgg code with your camera phone, smartphone or tablet or touch the code by phone with NFC support!

In hundreds of places of your city


Located in the most popular places of the city. You will find it on posters, stickers, life-sized figures in shopping malls, department stores, cafes, markets, high schools, on front doors, in taxis, on flyers, in a local newspapers, and many other places.

Hundredsof your clients coupons


One code is hiding the most profitable deals of your city. You can show different coupons at a different times. When scanning the code, we take into account user's location down to the street and house number, and show next to it offers!

Thousands of consumersdaily


Scan the code in search of the best deals! Our target audience - the most socially active and solvent part of the inhabitants of the city, users of social networking and modern phones, smart phones and tablets, from 18 to 50 years.


Create a lucrative advertising business in your city, using the most advanced technologies.

Become a part of a growing international advertising network! The " BluEgg code" affiliate program - is a complete solution for quick start advertising business in any city. Your ability to get a profitable "turnkey business" with a little investment and high return.

BluEgg code

Advertising network of a new generation.


"Turnkey" business. You get: a technology platform for creating mobile coupons, the BluEgg code maintenance in your city, access to statistics and analytics, as well as a set of POS materials with the BluEgg code.


Creating of advertising platforms has never been so quick and easy! Just post the posters, stickers, posters and life-sized figures with the BluEgg code throughout the city: shopping centers, shops, cafes, porches, taxis, etc.


Suggest to local companies for a monthly fee to distribute discounts, coupons and promotions directly to the potential customers mobile phones. Only 10 regular clients will give you more than $ 1,000 net income per month!


A few mouse clicks can create you mobile coupons and publish them in the BluEgg code. Discounts may include: video, pictures, bonus and coupon programs, scratch cards, buttons, ordering and much more. Fully adapted for viewing on any mobile device


The mobile devices market is growing rapidly. Take this opportunity to offer local advertisers the most advanced advertising and mobile technologies. Complete platform to provide services in the field: QR, NFC, SMS and Bluetooth turnkey marketing for you!

Easy start

To start business with BluEgg code is simple. The cost of a basic affiliate license for 1 city starts from $1000. Monthly rental charges are $169 per month. Educational video materials and mind maps will learn you to work with the BluEgg code platform in just a few hours.


Simple, transparent and favorable conditions for the rapid launch of a new business.



A basic license partner on 1 city

A basic license partner allows the partner to do business under the BluEgg trade name and represent the interests of the " BluEgg code " network in the selected city. In cities of up to 300,000 thousand a basic license acts as a highly exclusive.

One-time: $2500.
Monthly: $169
City population of up to 300 thousand people: Exclusive Rights
City population of over 300 thousand people: Basic License
Included coupons: 1100 unique codes (QR codes)
Included BluEgg codes: 1 theme BluEgg code
Additional BluEgg code: $299 (one-time)
Included smart cards: 50 (each additional+$5)
Technology support: QR, TAG, NFC, SMS**, Bluetooth**
Partner commission on the sale from the site: 50%
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Exclusive license partner on 1 city

Exclusive license partner entitles the partner EXCLUSIVELY represent " BluEgg code" network in the selected city, and offers to set their own pricing for network services. Surcharge for highly exclusive license depends on the population of the city.

The basic license price: $2500
Less than 300 thousand people: + 0 $ (one-time).
From 300 to 500 thousand people: + $2000 (one-time).
From 500 tо 900 thousand people: + $4000 (one-time)
From 900 thousand people: + $7000 (one-time)
Monthly: $499
Included coupons: 1100 unique codes (QR codes)
Included BluEgg codes: 7 thematic BluEgg codes
Included smart cards: 100 (each additional+$5.)
Technology support: QR, TAG, NFC, SMS**, Bluetooth**
Partner commission on the sale from the site: 75%

Program conditions

Rules for obtaining a license and partnership activities

1) Terms of the partnership. To participate in the " BluEgg code " affiliate program and conduct business in the selected city, you need a " BluEgg code" partner network license. A license for each city (regional center) purchased separately.

2) 2 types of licenses are offered: basic (non-EXCLUSIVE) and exclusive. An exclusive license gives the right to do business in the city for one partner. A basic license implies the possibility of several partners in the city. The exclusive license gives the ability to have 7 thematic BluEgg codes, the basic license - only one code.

3) The payment of the license consists of two parts: a one-time payment for 1 city and a monthly subscriber fee for the use of the platform. An exclusive license is paid additionally, its additional cost depends on the population of the city. These types of licenses include both 1100 operating mobile coupons or QR codes, and 7 species BluEgg code for the highly exclusive and one BluEgg code for a basic license. The connecting an additional thematic BluEgg code in the city is - $299.

4) Conditions for an exclusive partner license: 1) the timely payment of monthly subscription payments, 2) the presence of at least 30 customers (coupons, QR codes) on a monthly, starting from the third month of operation, 3) In the case of a single breach of these terms of license loses its exclusive status and becomes basic.

5) The conditions of a license determination: 1) Default of payment for 1 month 2) No activity (new customers, coupons, QR codes) for 2 months, 3) Less than 100 placements of POS materials with BluEgg code in the selected city, starting from the 2nd month of operation. 4) Allocation banned advertising for a placement.

6) Additional charges: 1) Production of POS materials. A partner for its own account and by himself makes POS materials with BluEgg code: life-sized figures, stickers, posters, banners, souvenirs, etc. 2) NFC codes (smart cards) to the POS materials (the rate of $5 per one one-time code). 3) The connection of an additional BluEgg code(for basic license - $299 / 1 code-time), 4) New POS materials (the rate of $10 per 1 POS material with BluEgg code)

7) A partner income: 100% of the revenue from advertising sales, involved by a partner in the selected city belongs to the partner. A partner with an exclusive license has the right to set pricing for his city. A partner with a non-exclusive license operates according recommended prices. If an order is made through the site sales, partner with a basic license gets 50% commission from the size of the order, with a highly exclusive license - 75%.

8) Additional terms: Partners with a basic license and are in one city are required to cooperate and to put coupons of other partners on barter. For partners who live in small towns there are special prices for one-time payment. For the towns with a population from 50 to 150 thousand people - $1500 instead of $2500, and for the towns of less than 50 thousand inhabitants - only $1000. To find out the cost of the license for your city and its presence, in the form below, select the country, enter the first letters of the city, choose a city from the list and click the "Check a City"

9) The requirements to the partners: 1) Business segregation in a separate area with a separate control. 2) Working as a PI or LLC, the presence of a stamp and a bank account. 3) Investment of $ 2 thousand dollars in the producing of POS materials. 4) An experience in advertising, sales, customer experience, negotiating skills- preferred. 5) The software, the Internet user. 6) An abidance by the rules in " BluEgg code "networking.

10) What's in the affiliate license:

  • 1 The right to use the "BluEgg" trademark in promotional materials, do a business as a " BluEgg code " network representative.
  • 2 An access to the QR marketing platform: creating and tracking of dynamic and static QR codes and TAG.
  • 3 An access to the BluEgg management codes platform : making mobile coupons, mobile target pages, setting the time and geo-targeting, BluEgg codes control. Included 1,100 unique codes (QR codes), 7 thematic BluEgg codes (for a highly exclusive license), 1 (for a basic license).
  • 4 Complete POS materials of all kinds in electronic format ready for printing (life-sized figures, posters, stickers, BluEgg code for souvenirs, etc.). An ability to receive all new POS materials with BluEgg code for $10 per 1 material.
  • 5 Smart cards NFC for 1 BluEgg code highly exclusive license and 50 for the basic.
  • 6 How to work: An access to the internal partner portal, an access to the knowledge base, training video materials to work with platforms, intellect cards.
  • 7 An income on autopilot: Online sales commission: the ability to get potential customers through a single portal and earn % of each order sales (50% to 75%, and basic to highly exclusive license). That is, if the customer saw your POS material, moved to the site sales, placed and paid for the creation of the coupon, the coupon will be given to you in your personal account where you put it in the BluEgg code and get your commission % with this order.
  • 8 The right to fix prices in the city (only for an exclusive license).
  • 9 The corporate identity a corporate e-mail address in the domain, posting a link on the city partner in the BluEgg network map
  • 10 The possibility of earning extra money through the provision of additional services to customers for the sale of QR campaigns, QR codes and mobile websites using the BluEgg platform and QREgg.

** To use the SMS and Bluetooth marketing: it is possible to use the BluEgg code plaftorm to create mobile coupons and analytics. For all this it is necessary to purchase additional hardware and software. More on

Licenses are opened in 20 countries: the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and others
Capitals: Terms of an arrangement
Unique sales site:
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